If Name Is Y Set Bone Name of X to B

I have it set up in a HUD where if a certain thing is clicked the name in a text changes or words in the text. In another program, this edits a certain thing by name. However, I realized that if I I can make it where if name equals y then set the name in the other program to would sufficiently do what I need instead of having a hundred boxes of different names. I am curious as to if there is a way to make it work.

It is basically bone rotation.

So on the HUD I select Upper Arm the name changes to that, so you know what you have clicked on. I already have it where it says set bone rotation name of bone set to a bone name, however if I could tie those two together I do not have to add a dozen more bone rotation nodes and instead just have it cycle through names for each name of the bone in the HUD.

So an example.

First method.

Bone Selected, goes to node with right bone name, and then use that node.

Method that seem to be a better idea.

Bone Selected on HUD, name is upper arm, in the other blueprint the node with the name of the bone changes bone name based on the word. However, of course, Upper Arm is not a bone name so it would look for that word Upper Arm and then change the bone name to the proper name. I think I may have an idea for making it work not sure. Will edit if I do.

I do not think it will work the way I need it to though… I need different numbers for different bones so multiple nodes of the same type are going to have to be the answer unless you have a suggestion.