If integer equals another integer, set bool to true

This should be a simple question, but I’m just starting with blueprints…

So I have a variable that stores integers, it ranges from 0 to 5, and another boolean variable.
When the characters does an action in the game, 1 is added to the variable.

How do I check at any point of the game if that variable is equal to 5, and if it is, set the boolean variable to true?

if Int == 5, set Bool == true

Use Event Tick is checked evry machine cycle I suggest you to use a Delay with 0.01 value. and use a branch that check if int var was egual to 5 if is set bool var to true and if not set it to false. When you declare the int var you need to plase range with min value to 0 and max to 5. If you need I can make a mini blueprint to show it in visual.

Thank you very much, Im not sure if I did exactly what you said I should but it works. Kind of.
I did this:

I also wanted to ask if this is the way of properly adding the integer?


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