If I want to set Collision to Simple or Complex for a mesh, this change is not saved


I’m getting desperate. I’ve been trying to set the collision on Complex from a mesh for days. But if I check Complex (or simple, doesn’t make any difference) and then save, the change is not saved and the object still has the old collision. When I click on the mesh again this collision is no longer checked. Why I need this collision is because I am making a tunnel and I cannot go through it otherwise.

I thank you in advance.

Greetings Aquiila

The menu at the top of the mesh editor just shows you the collision:


You have to set the actual collision in the details panel:


Excuse me if this isn’t your problem.

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Not the OP but thank you! This was driving me nuts as well. Setting the collision to “Use complex collision as simple” fixed it and saved the collision to the mesh. I love this community so much, you guys are life savers.

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