If I want to make a low-spec version of Kite demo with mobile quality setting

How much rework should I do to make it possible?

There may be some features that aren’t compatible, but for the most part you’d have to adjust texture resolutions and remove a bunch of content, is there a reason why you want it on mobile?

Just an experiment for ‘porting’.
Will that take some reworks in arts?

It just uses mobile quality setting, and still runs on PC (low spec)

You wouldn’t have to remodel anything, but you’d have to make sure to go through and drop texture resolutions and delete some things that would cause too much stuff going on. Might have to change some materials too, wouldn’t be as simple as changing a graphics setting. It wouldn’t look nearly as good as it does on PC of course.

Decrease the density of foliage
Change the light setting
Change the texture resolution

Is these all?