If I want to create a mech character can i use UE4 or do I need something like Maya?

Hello, i just started with UE4 in the past week and I would like to know what the best approach for creating a mech, like gundam or armored core, to use as a character. Do I need to use Maya or can it all be done using UE4?

You’ll want to use Maya. That, or similar modelling software, such as Blender or 3DS Max.

You cannot model, rig or do keyframe animation in UE4.

Maya, 3ds max are polygonal modelling programs, they are quite well suited to doing hard surface work such as designing a mech. Or you could go with zbrush, clip brushes and mesh insert brushes are really useful for designing mechanical type models although making low poly models for ue4, is still a difficult process. I’ve heard great things about 3d coats voxel system which is good for quickly making models and it’s quite cheap too. Personally I use zbrush mainly cause I’ve been using it for years and know how to get the result I want with its tools. There are loads of programs you could use to make models with. There is a mecha model on the marketplace if you want to do some prototyping.

Thanks for the clear reply.

I have no modeling experience but I got a free license for Maya since I am a student so I am trying to learn with that.

I saw the mech in the market place but I think I might be going more of the rugged tank-with-legs like appearance vs humanoid as I think they would be more “practical” in a true combat environment. Ultimately I want to actually simulate piloting a mech and be able to address issues such as how do they carry so much ammo etc.

hmm lets wait and see what is also coming;)

Waou thanks for the info!