If I use more than one reroute connection, when I finish it the one before disappears

If I use more than one reroute connection, when I finish it the one before disappears, if I only use one reroute connection it works fine, but If I use another one, the one before disappears in the end.
Why is this happening and how to fix it?

Maybe it has something to do with that formatter you’re apparently using.

no because I tried with curved lines and it’s the same if this is what you mean

It might be the sheer number of nodes. I can’t make it happen at all.

I just use straight lines now I skip the reroute node and everything works fine, everything thats in the middle stays there as it is set because cables pass trough now :smiley:

Shouldn’t this be run in a loop? What’s up with the node spam in your setups? Aren’t they the same function?

i tried to make reroute from fresh node “3 keyboard” and I succesfully managed to make 2 reroute nodes without having them break, I guess something is wrong from some place in my bp i dont know.

and by the way no haha check what I made, this flashes symbols on a lights, top row is for each digit depending on length of the whole word so up to 36 symbols, middle is branches of is it this or that symbol and bottom side is turning on lights for 0.5 seconds then turn them off then go to next letter. it contains a-z 0-9 space and another language alphabet

One thing’s for sure, if you’re using that many nodes, there’s a way of doing it with ( probably ) less than 10.

I can shrink the top nodes, because they are the same just a number is growing so I can math this, the middle and bottom ones are unique for symbols