If I stop the subscription, will everything still work? Also If i put the game on my website Can I get ad revenue without paying 5%

When you cancel your subscription, you no longer receive any new updates, you won’t receive new marketplace content either.

As far as I know, you aren’t allowed to publish your game at all if you aren’t under subscription. There is a html compiler, but I have yet to find out how to use it.

That would breach your terms and conditions. You ARE required to pay your subscription AND 5% revenue to Epic if you want to publish. Think about it:

You pay to use their tools. You decide not to pay them anymore, and then put ads into your game, to make money, but not give Epic any. How is that fair on them?

And besides, if you’re making money off the ads, let’s assume you make $100. You only have to pay Epic $5 in revenue.

Once your subscription ends you won’t receive support of the same quality (or perhaps at all) that subscribers receive. While this technically doesn’t stop you from continuing to use it, this may not always be true.

However content produced with the Unreal Engine framework will always be under the original agreement - you’ll still owe 5% of any revenue you make.

That said I’d read the terms and conditions closely to get an actual answer, as nobody here is a lawyer and even lawyer opinions differ.

I’d be inclined to say there’s no moral obligation to remain a subscriber but you should hold up your end of the bargain and discuss with Epic how to give them their cut.

Perhaps more information and clearer guidelines will be out by the time we can actually release games with a working distributable.

Hey guys, I was just wondering first of all, If i buy this software but I cancel the subscription fee, what would I lose?
Would I still be able to publish my game for free and make an executable file (exe)?
Secondly, does ue4 allow you to publish your file in a format that you can put up on the net for anyone to play?
And lastly, Would I be able after cancelling my subscription, put the game on my website for people to play for free but I get money of ads alongside my webpage without paying epic 5% of my revenue.

I won’t be getting actual money, this is why i’m asking this, i’ll be getting ebay giftcards instead because i’m too young to get paid.

I had a random thought. What if you sell the game, but then months later end the subscription. Are you no longer allowed to receive money for the game or do you need a subscription as long as the game is sold?

And what about having multiple people on the team? Let’s say there were 10 people on the team, do all 10 people need to have a subscription or only one person while the game is still making money?

From the New User FAQ regarding cancelling your subscription:

When you cancel your subscription, you won’t receive access to future releases of Unreal Engine 4, however your login will remain active, and you are free to continue using the versions of Unreal Engine 4 which you obtained as a subscriber under the terms of the EULA.

Your subscription also enables deployment, so that is gone when you cancel as well. From the FAQ again:

Unreal Engine 4 subscription enables you to deploy to Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android. This is all available through the engine and tools download from this website.

Deploying an HTML5 game is currently experimental so it’s not available in the Launcher version of UE4. You’ll have to compile source from Github, which requires an active subscription. Read this documentation to get started:

There are a lot of answers here, some somewhat conflicting, so I wanted to give an official response:

  • If you license the engine but cancel your subscription, you lose the rights to access new engine updates as well as certain marketplace content once your subscription entitlement runs out.
  • Cancelling your license does not affect your ability to release a game.
  • The UE4 EULA does not prohibit the file format of game release.
  • If you release a game after cancelling your subscription, the EULA terms still apply. Therefore, the royalty provisions still apply to your game.

On the last point, I see you’ve posted a separate AnswerHub question, so I’ll go into more detail there.

There isn’t a connection between maintaining your subscription and your ability to release a game (or keep making a game available). So if you cancel your subscription, you can keep selling your game.

If 10 people on your team are working with the engine, each needs their own engine license. But they aren’t required to maintain a subscription.

i NOW HATE EPIC!!! i made an account and it asked me for my paypal, i then typed in my paypal account and then proceeded, only to find out those FOOLS have taken £12, not from my paypal, but from my CARD! WHERE IS THE FREE VERSION, I SHOULD BE ENTITLED TO A DISCOUNT OF SORTS!

I’d say that was PayPal, not Epic. If you don’t have the valid amount in your PayPal, and you’ve linked your card, it’ll take from your card. Is it REALLY that bad for the card to be used?

Also here’s your free version.

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I have spoken with our accounts department and they have told me they are not seeing a card on file for your account. Can you please contact ?

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