If i press Shift my character do move animation without pressing any movement key!

If i press “shift” the key that i selected for SPRINT , it begins automatically a walk animation in place…how that can be possible? My blender animations are all ok, can you please know how to remove that walk animation when i press shift WITHOUT move??

Help please?

Hey there, if you cut the execution wire for the sprint action mapping do you still have the issue?

you mean this? if I delete this there are no problems, so maybe the problem is here but i don’t know what is!

So when you press shift you set the Sprint True to true and that doe the transition to the sprint state, right? can you show me the inside of sprint state?

Yes right!

First of all you need to check if your velocity is bigger than 0, because you usually can’t sprint when you are in idle/stopped. Second, you need to print out the Speed variable you are using in the blend space in the sprint state to see if you are reaching the 700 .

My walk speed is 300 , i try to modify the sprint animation and i add a idle at 0, now in game if i press shift the problem is solved , he don’t walk! But now i have to add the sprint animation to walk ( the arrow i mean —> <---- ) and now i will see if the problem go away or not… anyway i see a strange issues ., in the edit preview if i set i increase the speed my character don’t sprint but just walk maybe a bug!

Now is working , just with add a idle state in the sprint animation , i don’t know why but now it’s working , all is ok, if i only press shift my character don’t do the walking animation , thanks for the help!!

Good to know :slight_smile: