If I play borderlands online with overclocked PC, will I get banned?

I used to play smite(game using unreal engine) with my PC which was overclocked to 4.4 ghz prime95 stable for six hours(blend and small flt’s both 6 hours separately).
Played it for a few months no problem and all of a sudden in one match the game started going crazy(player sped up in movement, attack cooldown was reduced to some 80% etc).
I quit the game thinking their servers were faulty and this was just one of the new server issues they usually had.
Later when I opened up the game and tried to login, it said my account was banned.
When I mailed their customer support, they said I used a “speedhack” software. So I went to forums and asked about it and a moderator replied something like this:
Smite uses unreal engine which has issues with overclocking and users with overclocked PC’s will be considered as hackers and banned. Then my thread was deleted(maybe because mod answered my question they didn’t want people spamming).
So games using unreal engine will speed up if there is an overclock PC running it and I have been playing borderlands for a while and should I reset my overclock to default system. What about turbo boost, should I disable it too?
CPU: FX 8350
MOBO: 990FX extreme9(latest BIOS)
GPU: 650TI(no overclock)
Thanks in advance.

hi, I moved this to the off topic section as it fits better.

the borderlands games use UE3, this is the UE4 forum, you might have more luck posting on the UDK forum as UDK is the free version of UE3.

also only the borderlands people could tell you if you would get banned or not.

They shoudn’t ban you for having a fast computer! My friend uses A Titan with it and has never got banned!

I haven’t had any issues using my overclocked GTX 660 in UT. Since when has having a fast computer been considered speed hacking?

Maybe someone else did it? Then he got blamed? It’s happend to me before. (With cheating. The idiot did some cheat that gave him god mode. Then I got booted from the server!)

Ok, I’ll try in that section. Thanks.

No, I just overclocked my CPU never had any problems with applications since I got it stable.
It’s not caused by someone else though the game itself can’t handle overclock it seems(forum mod said that).

UE3’s game loop was a bit dependent on the frame rate. I know that Mass Effect 3 multiplayer had this issue. If the host has a very powerful machine, the games AI was stronger and if the host had a low-end PC or capped the FPS to 30, then the AI was much easier to beat. Apparently this was because UE3 game-loop and render code were tied up.

So if you dont have a FPS cap and have a very powerful PC, then the game could behave a bit different but nothing too dramatic.

That being said, I don’t see any reason why a game would ban players with over-clocked PCs. Just because the CPU is overclocked does not mean it is going to perform better than a more powerful CPU at stock. It does not make any sense. And almost all hard-core PC gamers overclock their CPUs - why else would we buy all these expensive unlocked CPUs and motherboards

But if the game makers have added such a rule, then you should obey - Their game, their rules.

Thanks for info. Was very helpful.
I just wish they said that in agreements section during the install. They just mentioned it in random posts whenever players brought it up. I mean, I would normally think overclock could crash a game, not get me banned.
Still not big loss for me. I didn’t buy anything from there to be mad at them.

That is the most ridiculous thing I have read in a long time. If that’s how Hi-Rez handles this kind of issue, that is not caused by the player at all and, if true, is only the result of very poor game design, then I expect Smite to die just like their poor decisions killed Tribes. That’s just laughably bad. I’m also completely convinced you won’t have any issues like that with other games, at least nothing that would warrant a ban anywhere else. Hi-Rez is just notoriously bad and keep proving it over and over again.

I was skeptical at first, but a quick google indicates this is actually a common occurrence. Ridiculous behaviour from Hi-Rez; you can’t ban your players when your bugs affect them in ways they cannot control :confused: