If I package a demo for development, can people access and rip off assets from the demo?

Hi there I am uncertain if you need to fill in any copywrite information or somehow label your content in the editor before packaging.

Am I about to release all my content when I package a demo for public download or is it all encrypted so that I am still the only person who can edit it?

Sorry for the beginner question I have no idea :slight_smile:


It gets packaged, so there is no easy way to rip off your assets :slight_smile:
But keep in mind that nobody can access those files when the game is packaged (so you still need the project file)

Thanks fighter5347 you helped me quite a bit in the past, your going in the frigging game credits, mail me a website link if you like your going on the website credits too lol :O)

My website: (unfortunately still in development) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I will make sure it gets added :slight_smile:

Hey can I ask another question please, if I am releasing a demo to the community is it best just packaged or should it be shipped in options? I just packaged it and it works fine I am just unsure if it makes it easier to access for people if its shipped.

When you package a project in development, it’ll allow you to have access to the console so you can debug and run console commands while testing your game. When you package a game for shipping, it doesn’t come with access to the console, so you can’t enter the console commands that may be needed to test your game. So I personally would package your game with “shipping” :slight_smile:

Oh cool maybe that might package it smaller then. Ok thanks I will give it a go :slight_smile: