If I Master Blueprints Do I Need C++?!

I have been level designing etc for a few months now and have jumped from UDK to UE4. I feel as a designer who is still learning it isn’t good to start learning the hardest programming language as well. My main question is can I use UE4’s blueprints to create a full game without the need of C++. This is if I were to master blueprints of course. I don’t want to learn how to program so I was wondering if I could create games without the need of C++?

Well you already programming with blueprints :stuck_out_tongue: And yes you can make full game out of blueprints, as long it’s not going out of borderies of unreal object system and available nodes, beyond that you will need C++, or maybe C# which some people adding support for it to UE4 as a 3rd party plugin

It depends what youre trying to accomplish, im guessing youre a one man team and want to make games. If you are, then i highly doubt you will ever need anything other than blueprints. You can do just about anything.

I still think it helps to have a basic understanding of what object oriented programming is and how it works and i highly recommend at least learning what it is.

But yes, you can create an entire game of just about any proportion with just blueprints.

it still tricky to build a GUI for your game using blue print,
I’m suffering in that and couldn’t find any help in this

If you truly “master” blueprints, you will be learning much of the problem solving-skills and conceptual understanding that you need for ‘writing code’ (blueprint is a form of writing code, remember that!). A lot of the skills carry over, as well as bad practices. I would highly encourage learning some C++ once you get comfortable with blueprints, because you can literally do anything with C++, and if you like the blueprint workflow (like me) you can write your own blueprint nodes for more complicated math operations or performance-sensitive code.

I am against the notion that C++ is “the hardest language,” and I really think that it’s a self-defeating stance to take. If you compare it to any OOP managed language out there, nearly all the concepts carry over. I’m still deep into learning the language myself, after having learned Java and some C#. You definitely can make a full game with blueprints provided that the engine has all the functions you need, but if you want to come up with something new that the engine doesn’t provide for you out of the box, learning just a little bit of C++ will take you very far.

To sum things up and answer your question: Yes you can totally make a great game with only blueprints, but don’t let that stop you from wanting to learn a little programming! Blueprints are a form of programming after all!