If I import a texture in unreal that is 4096x4096 but I set the max resolution to 512x512 the engine will pack the full texture in the build or the smaller one?

Do I need to resize the textures before importing them in the editor or unreal will know to pack a smaller texture size in the build, discarding the high resolution image if I set the textures options to smaller size?

If I have 100 textures each of them being 10Mb at imported resolution, then I will need to ship 1Gb regardless if the engine will use the smaller textures? or the final build will include the 512 versions (that lets say are 1Mb of size) and discard the imported images?

Engine will pack the full texture in the build but will not render, Engine will pack the shadow copy of the modified size and will render it on gamelay.

Better to set the 512x512 in photoshop and re-import.

yeah, I think somewhat make sense. maybe one could set options to allow for max resolution of texture if player rig allows it.

I think I will make them smaller outside unreal.

would had been great to have an option to not pack the source textures. Don’t know how this works under the hood so maybe is a stupid request.

this kind of things should be controlled manually, this why we have external tools :smiley: photohsop etc

  • Hey, Engine will pack only smaller one 512 * 512,
  • i.e., Maximum Texture Size you specified in texture editor.
  • And renders smaller one in play in editor too, and keeps original as it is in Disk.
  • Verified in UE Version 4.27.2, packed for Android. Don’t know about other platforms.

I’m gona make a test. In a new empty project I will add a bunch of high rez textures leave then as they are, build the game. then I will set them to a lower value, build and see if there is any difference in size.

will be back

After doing the test I can confirm that unreal by default will pack the generated textures at the dimensions you have set them to be in game not the files you have imported.

it will convert the textures and pack the generated textures not the original files.

In unreal 5 you control the size by changing the mipmap level instead of setting the size dimension.

imported 14 textures at 2048x2048 were 181 mb.

building the game with no change to imported files packed the textures to around 30mb

setting the mip map to 4 (128x128) for all of them, packed the textures to 320kb

that is good news no need to go trough photoshop if not absolutely necessary