If i create a game on unreal enginge will it slow down my pc?

Hello, does UE4 slow down my computer if i try to create a game?
my specs:
graphic: gtx 1070
cpu: intel core i7 6700k skylake
16 gb ram

Your system is fairly high end, and UE4 should run just fine, and you’ll be able to make some good-looking games that will perform well. It won’t slow down your system, if it is just installed and not running. If it is running, you’ll be able to have several applications (likely, as many as you reasonably need) running alongside it.

For comparison’s sake, my three/four year old MSI laptop runs UE4 perfectly well. I use it ten or twelve hours a day and I can have 3ds Max, Photoshop and Chrome browser open too if needed (not the quickest, but usable).

Thank you alot for responding, I have another qoustion

My main question is: how can I share projects with friends/my team.

We want to start a project/new game. But one of the team members live far away from me, and the other one is also a bit far away. I want to know if it’s possible to make the same project changeable by each member.

So my friend can add something to the project and then if I want to add something, his change will appear when I open my project.

Just like some kind of sharing system.

I heard something about perforce, but I really don’t know if that’s free…
my friend said that it would cost to make a server so we all could change on the same project.
Hopefully there is someone of you that will take some time and respond to help us reaching our goal.

Thanks for reading.