If i copy halo weapons into my game can i get sued from microsoft?

So basically I love halo reach its my favorite game off all time and I love its maps and weapons, so if I decide to replicate those weapons into my game would there be a possible change of me getting sued by Microsoft because they own the rights to halo. If any answers this question I would really appreciate it!!!

Most likely, yes you would be subject to a lawsuit of some degree…you would be using their intellectual property…however if you completely changed the look of them etc and made them completely yourself and they were not exact copies you have less of a chance of running into issues. The same thing applies to real world weapons and vehicles in video games, Colt, GM and several other large manufacturing companies have filed suits in the past for unauthorized likenesses of their products in video games. Fonts are another big item to watch out for.

Do a quick search and you should find several cases from the past…here’s a few I found in just a few seconds:

Use of the Tommy Gun: http://www.ibj.com/articles/7473-godfather-game-maker-sued-over-dillinger-tommy-gun

Here’s one over using the likeness of General Patton:

This one is for copying LeBron James’ tattoos:

Actually Microsoft allows use on the provision that,

  • You make it yourself and it’s not a 1:1 copy or a copy from an existing Microsoft Halo title.
  • You do not make any money off the content at all, not even a donation.

Installation 01 is a perfect example of something that is based in the Halo universe, looks, feels and sounds like Halo. But is a private and completely unfunded work.