If a client does not have a good pc to play a Archviz project?

I’m looking for a compact pc of good performance which give the first project with my clients. And you, ye have posed this or any alternative?

Depending on your location/internet connection, you can try something like Amazon AWS appstream, This will allow you to run the application to run in the browser in google chrome.

They only have servers in N.Virginia(USA) and Tokyo Japan.

Being from the low end of Australia the ping was bit too much for me, but AWS has a free tier system, so you can try it out for free to see if it will work for you.

Another lot I’ve been looking into is Frame, they use AWS and Microsoft Azure and apparently have servers in Singapore also, so they may have a better ping for me. I just haven’t tried yet

I tried in the past. Worked ok-ish! You need a very good internet.

if you can meet the client, i suggest you take a powerful laptop to him and show him the visualization on it