IES Lighting profile and function pack

Hey Guys, I’ve been looking into the lighting side of Unreal recently with a side project I’m working for as I had noticed the only IES pack I had seen around was the Renderman pack so I have built a pack of IES profiles and Light functions and was wondering what people thought.
I’ve just submitted a pack combining 50 profiles and 18 function materials.
If these are popular I’ll look into making more of these and if anyone has any particular requests I’ll look into those too as I’m quickly coming to the end of my university degree.
Video preview:



please keep this update

I’ll definitely keep this thread updated.
I only submitted on Sunday but I’m hoping it will be quicker my first pack to go through the process.:smiley:

The light functions are nifty and the scene looks pretty… but I can’t help but get a nasty taste in my mouth any time I see the sale of IES profiles. So much so, that I’ve been tempted to just plop down my library of 30,000+ IES profiles for free just to stop people from selling these things. They are freely available and aych-ee-double-hockey-stick: some lighting manufacturer sites even go so far as to sort things out neatly for you in their IES packages with thumbnails and all.

I hate to sound like a douchebag- I can tell these profiles are custom and quite interesting! Just be ready for the possibility of others to rip it apart on the Marketplace if you get it submitted. Good example of what I mean:

The ones on the marketplace are different to these in the fact that these are actually custom.
Those ones were released by Pixar years ago to the public domain which is why that person is being railed on so hard.

Here’s the thing, Although there are a lot of profiles floating about, other than the renderman pack, not many are actually commercially free, less so are public domain.
I’m making various different types of asset packs, some IES, some blueprints, others models to help my self once I finish 3 years of university which happens to be around 10 weeks time.
I’m not going to be selling these at any sort of high price, I’ve been around the table enough times to have had my work torn apart.
Seems like a very sour thing to do just to spite others, which by itself, provides disincentive people making new works, more importantly, depending on origin of those IES profiles distribution may actually get you in trouble with the makers like Philips which from everything I have read, you’re not supposed to use at all for commercial purposes [including in games] and that puts other people at risk of infringement.

One more thing to note, with so many free 3d models, textures etc on the various asset sites, are you suggesting people should just stick to those rather than finding something custom, standardized often results in becoming generic.
I rarely see many projects use more than the default lights with some changes to hue to intensity, I would like to think I’m contributing to a resource that is helping students like myself and other game developers make their projects little bit more unique.

Hi I just got this pack and tried using it in a 4.17 project. I loaded up your example map but I get the error too many overlapping shadowed movable lights. Also the profiles don’t seem to work as you can see in my screenshot. Is there some setting that needs to be turned on in the editor or is it a 4.17 thing? I’m going to test it out with an earlier engine.


Works fine in 4:15 so either I have changed something in the rendering options for 4:17 that had the knock on effect of ****ing up IES profiles or this is a 4:17 bug. I think I’ll do some googling see if that will help me.

Edit: Forward shading was the issue. I’m using a VR project and IES doesn’t work with FS.