IES File Error

I have imported several lights from my 3DS scene. The IES files are causing an error that won’t let me save my scene. The error is “Graph is linked to a private object in an external package.” I have imported lights using this method before and haven’t gotten this error. Is there a known fix? I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it to save my map.

One of the ways I’ve gone and fixed this problem is to reimport the datasmith scene and then right click and save the IES files. If the files disappear after saving them, reimport and try again. Once the assets have been saved you should be able to save your scene.

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I had to delete everything from that model from my scene and then delete it from the project. I then imported it again and I didn’t get the same error anymore. I didn’t do anything different, but for whatever reason, it worked now. I’ll report that bug there in case it happens to anyone else. Thanks