IED Damage/Health System

Instant hit Effect Damage system (IED) is a complete system designed to implement a quick and easy health and damage management in first person view games.

The main functions of the system are:

  1. Health decrease upon hit events
  2. Health increase upon medikits overlap with disappearing of visual effects
  3. Graphic visualization of health in HUD widget (Aka Health bar)
  4. Instant damage effects with blood splatter, camera shake and visual distortions
  5. Graphic rendering of health level via blood superimposed to camera view
  6. Camera swiveling and bobbing to simulate incapacitation state
  7. View distortion effect when health is very low
  8. Walk speed is lowered according to health state
  9. Heartbeat sound when health is critical

The functions are all activated by a hit event (or binded to an event of your choice) and progress following the health level (expressed by a float variable from 0.0 to 1.0).
You can define the health level that will trigger the visual distress effects simply defining the health limit in the blueprint.
The effects are divided into three main routines :
⦁ The instant hit effects (e.g. when the player is hit by a bullet): they are rendered by a blood splatter that instantly covers the screen and fades out after a given time and by a camera shake to simulate the impact;
⦁ The low health indicators that reflects the player’s health level using two methods at the same time: the first is a blood cover over the camera that becomes more opaque while the health is lowering and the second uses a progress bar in the lower right (which gives a more accurate representation of the player’s health level)
⦁ When the health level is under a critical value (defined in the blueprint) other effects will be triggered to reflect the urge to find a medikit: The player vision will became distorted using a vignette and chromatic aberration effect, the walk speed will be greatly reduced, the camera will start to slowly swivel and bob and a heartbeat sound will become audible. This indicates that your health is VERY low. Every effect can be customized to suit your needs simply modifying the default variables value.
IED integrated in Highrise map sample
Featurette Video