IdleFPS Kit - Procedurally Animated FPS Framework

Introducing the IdleFPS Kit for Unreal Engine 4, a first-person shooter framework that utilizes Perlin Noise (a randomization algorithm) and blueprint timelines to create a more fluid and unpredictable movement pattern or first-person views.

The whole deal about IdleFPS is the Perlin Noise algorithm. Perlin Noise produces the additive animation that lays over all of the other animations for the first-person models, creating a more natural feel to the movement pattern of the player. All other animations are done with blueprint timelines (included in UE4), which are essentially curves that are easy-to-use and provide a quick way to creating awesome movement animations. However, you still need to supply a reload animation, since their too complex for random number generators to produce.

IdleFPS makes it easy for those who aren’t programmers to develop their dream game. You shouldn’t need to know a single thing about C++ in order to use this! Just some basic UE4 blueprint knowledge is required for knowing how to add more weapons, edit the character, and other things.
Fully-commented C++ source code
Perlin Noise additive animation
Easy-to-use timelines for all other motions (except reloads)
Full character movement (walking, sprinting, jumping, & crouching)
Easy weapon creation
Weapon features include:
Bullets (via line trace)
Ammo count
Recoil (both visual recoil & camera recoil)
Rate of Fire
Full-auto and Semi-auto
Multiple bullets (for shotguns and other weapons)
Fire sound
Aim-down-sights (ADS)
Bullet Impacts (via Surface Types and decals)
Pickups (ammo, weapons, etc.)
Demo scene and content
Full Documentation

Release Plan
1.1 - Projectiles
1.2 - Suggested features!

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Compatible UE4 Versions: 4.10

Looks pretty cool. How does it mesh with multiplayer (where other players would see a TPP character)? Or is this aimed at single player FPP only?

There’s currently no multiplayer feature as of right now, but you could definitely implement something like GameSparks into it for the time being.

I’m trying to wrap my head around what this is/does exactly. If I could give you feedback I’d ask for more details!

Can I ask, you mention about bullet impacts? Does this mean your system can take the energy value of impacts and the direction from which they hit a character and translate this into a animated response? If so then that’s very exciting and more details would be appreciated.

Are the bullets fired hitscan or can they true projectiles with modifiable velocities/weights/fall off?

I’ve subscribed to this thread as it sounds exciting.



Hi SlinkyMuffins,

IdleFPS has a unique element compared to other FPS frameworks, which is the procedural animation movement system. As in procedural animation, I mean randomized motion through mathematical terms in C++ via the Perlin Noise randomization equations. The rest of the mechanics are all of the basic (and special) needs for FPS games nowadays.

As in bullet impacts, I mean the logic that determines what surface type a bullet hits, thus acting upon whatever surface type it is by spawning a unique decal material. Impact verlocity IS added to movable objects via the direction of the bullet and the force is defined by a simple user-created variable on the blueprint-side of the weapon.

And regarding bullets, they are currently done via line traces in C++ for performance, but projectiles can & will definitely be implemented soon.

You’ve removed the need for animation by not having the 3rd person mesh or animating the 1st person arms which is a pretty poor solution(thats just my opinion), i dont understand why you said to use gamesparks to add multiplayer because the only way you can use it for multiplayer is to have a third person mesh driven by your “perlin system”. Ive almost made exactly the same thing in blueprints just using randomized vector interps and im about halfway through all the movements you have in the video with about 2 hours invested in it so far, Sure perlin noise is great, but pretty pointless when using blueprint math is just as smooth and randomized. Most people that couldn’t implement this themselves would want it to be in blueprint, I could be wrong about that but it seems logical…

PS its exceptionally deceiving to say that this removes the need for animations…what about whoever you are shooting

First of all, the first person arms have animations that are strategically replicated through Perlin Noise in IdleFPS, thus making it a very pleasable solution to those who can’t supply animations for their game.

Second of all, IdleFPS is made for FPS mechanics, meaning that it does all of the first person elements, not the third person elements such as enemy AI that you said the player would be shooting at. Using IdleFPS in multiplayer, you would obviously have to supply third person animations for the other external players.

Lastly, Perlin Noise is a much, much better solution than what can be done in blueprint due to incredible speed as being implemented in C++, as well as a strict equation solution compared to blueprint nodes stringed together. Yes, randomization can be done easily in blueprints, but that’s not the point. The whole thing about randomization is using the randomly generated numbers in strategical ways.

Well the first person arms and gun anims are the easiest to do and thats all your system does(and doesn’t even really do all that) , so you should remove “I’ve created a neat solution for people who don’t have the funds for hiring expensive animators for their games” because you haven’t actually done that. You don’t really make much of a valid point for using perlin noise in the last part either, the main thing that concerns me is how you are marketing it, a user above already thought it affected more than just the first person arms and gun, and was a system to remove the need for animations entirely…its deceptive

Im sure users want to see perlin noise implemented in c++ though, i should really try to point out what you have done well though and hopefully you will add much more to make it a really good asset

The new and improved IdleFPS project is now on Sellfy!