Idle animation when walking


How come my character only use idle animation when walking?

I use the micro monsters and heroes pack from the marketplace, they have walking animation.
I think i set up everything as it should be.

Here is a short video showing the problem.

Post a picture of your anim graph + blendspace. Some suggestions :slight_smile:

-in your anim graph state check if you have connected the speed variable with the blendspace
-in your blendspace you have to check if all anims are at the right place + right speed value
-make sure that you use the right anim bp in your character bp

  • which version do you use?

So i have to set that up manually ?
All i can see now is that there is only knight_idle connected to a final animation pose.

I dont know if you have to set it up manually (havent bought those assets ^^) but when there is just an idle in the anim graph, you will have to add some more stuff to get everything working. Those tutorials will teach you the basics:

But before you do that, do a double click onto the state (knight idle) and check what you can find in there :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Time to learn something new then :smiley:

Your Idle animation should be set in your blendspace at a speed of zero, your walk animation should be at about 1/4 - 1/3 your top speed and your run animation should be at 100% full speed. For instance my characters Idle at 0, walk at around 95, and run at 375. When you set this up in the blendspace the character will ‘blend’ perfectly from one to the other depending on the speed at which he/she is moving. There is no automatic way to set this up as the speeds and blends will be different depending on your personal preferences. If you do not set this up properly then the only animation the character will access is the first one he/she has to go with. I made this mistake like 5 times before I figured it all out (even with the tutorial in front of me - it’s easy to fudge and yet really simple to create). Check out the video series on 3rd person blueprints on the Unreal Engine channel over at you tube. You can adapt it to almost any type of player character as the only real difference is the character’s camera placement.