IDK IDEs bet ones

So wich IDE do you use for unreal engine 3, wich one do you recommend me, I use myself Wotgreal version 3.006

wotgreal although it had some bugs
unreal x editor is also good

are you starting a new project with udk?
kinda tempted myself

No im still continuing GOTA gladiators of the arena game, this time as a survival game, i was in UE4 but the bugs pushed me back to UDK,
well im still in UE4 making gladiator manager game, Thing is i went back to UDK just a little bit.

yeah wotgreal has some bugs, ima use Unreal X editor if it’s good.

I use context with the ue3 highlighter add.Its more simple for me that way.

same as O_and_N.

Out of curiosity can you say more on this, the kinds of problems with UE4?
BTW: What happened to the original UDK GOTA, looked great 2 years ago? :slight_smile:

perhaps the 18498 bug and crash reports heremight give you a clue

context was ok too, a bit basic, maybe doesnt have intelisense?

Notepad++ is great for me.

I discontinue GOTA Vanilla, and i go and make GOTA survivalism because RPG component was too hard, with the saving System and all of that.
Survivalism, it’s more direct like no need to load save and pre generate the world, you generate the world on the run.