Idk 64 bit

Can someone share UDK capable and of 64 bit pls or tell me how?

To run in 64 bit, you simply need to launch the UDK.exe in the …/Binaries/Win64/ instead of …/Binaries/Win32.

Bear in mind that if you use DLL binds, you will need to account for a slightly different structure to your incoming data from Unrealscript within your C++ code while running the 64 bit.

What about the packaged versions?

Of the games you make with it?

You don’t need to use the packaged game produced by frontend.

You can cook the game yourself using the CookPackages commandlet (documentation is here: UDK | CommandletList).

UDK.exe CookPackages -platform=PC YourMap.udk YourMap.udk -full

All Frontend is doing is just running these commandlets anyway.

Then once you’ve done that, simply copy the required files from your UDK install into an empty game install folder. You can create a .bat file to do this automatically for you.

You can reference the files created by the standard packaged installation to see which files you need to copy. You just need to make sure you copy the Win64 folder.

Ah ok thank you a lot.
I will definitively look into that.

I need more help, like is that fine with the console command in udk? Then it builds the game in the root of the udk folder?

Ahhh ok batch file?

You run that commandlet command from within Windows (not within the game). So from Windows command prompt, or via a batch file.

UDK.exe CookPackages -platform=PC YourMap.udk YourMap.udk -full

You need to navigate to the folder with the UDK.exe in it. It’s better to use the 64 bit exe for cooking (UDK/Binaries/Win64/UDK.exe) as this doesn’t have the memory limits that the 32 bit exe has. My game won’t even cook with the 32 bit exe as it runs out of virtual memory.

I tried it says error platform=PC not not found and what if i want to cook a lot of maps?

Also where is output file?

~\UDKGame\CookedPC\ is the output

These are the parameters we use when cooking our content

UDK.exe CookPackages -platform=pc -verbose -singlethread -auto -unattended -nopause -processes=1

Ok nice thanks how to then build the .exe to sell on steam?

Hello is there anyone? How can you package 64 bit?

There is no need to package your game if you’re selling it on Steam.

You can just build the install folder by copying over the files from your UDK install to a new directory. Be sure not to copy over any of your code or raw asset files from your Content folder.

If you install your game from the packaged .exe generated from Frontend, you can use this to see which files you need to copy.

And for the 64 bit, you just need to copy the Win64 folder and launch the game from the UDK.exe in that folder.

You should create a .bat file to copy these files automatically so you can generate a new release build whenever you want.

I think i get the philosophy just copy install directory of game to a new place and you can then play it… Cook is necessary for the reason of not waiting for long i guess?

Cooking reduces the size of the packages and the loading time.

Ok :+1: thank you as I could “package” game i think 64 bit it works in another computer,

This is the little tutorial I am offering to people.

-locate your udk development installation…

-run a batch file with the following commands
Go where the 64 bit .exe lives make a batch file
UDK.exe CookPackages -platform=PC nameofmap.udk -full

-now take all the files BUT the content where the UDK art and stuff lives and place it on a folder :open_file_folder:. Now you have your game ready to be played the cookedPC stuff it is important.

Am i right?

I have some questions though,

1 will this work for everyone, the game?
2 do you need to place the development folder with the code of the game to?
3 why so much memory used ? I just have a map and i have a lot of memory used like 6 gb for a map most live in binaries folder of the memory.