Idiots Guide to HTML build

I’ve tried the HTML5 build in 4.9. It doesn’t make any files. Just as a test I even tried to build a basic level with just the starter content.
Can someone post an Idiots Guide to building a HTML5 file and using it.


How to Open a HTML file once you’ve packaged it 4.9 and Later:

  1. Package your project by going to File > Package Project > HTML5
  2. Navigate to the folder where you placed the packaged project
  3. Locate the HTML5LaunchHelper.exe and open it
  4. DOS prompt/command window will appear
  5. Open up the browser you wish to use: Chrome, , etc…
  6. Browse to the location that’s listed next to “Starting Server at” aka http://machinename:8000

This will launch the game onto a local server on your computer. If you wish to upload it to specific sites, you’ll need to look into their HTML5 information. Feel free to contact us on AnswerHub if you run into any further complications, thanks!

It’s file open it ? or not ?

The problem is:
Nothing gets built. The folder is empty.
I’ve even tried it with just the starter content and nothing else.
I can build a regular windows game but no HTML

Hey Everyone,

If you’re having trouble with your HTML5 package or project after reading the information above, please submit a question to AnswerHub.

Thank you!


Thank you so much! I have been trying to upload HTML5 games to uploadit or something like that but I couldn’t play my HTML5 games. I hope now that I can play the games with the method you instructed it will work now:)

IE11 gives a script error. Is it possible to launch everything with Internet Explorer browser? real server.

Hi, I feel like my question is most proper here as it follows the same topic.

I’ve made a package of my HTML5 game. In the UI I added the text “version” for easy version tracking when launching the game.

So… After making a couple of updates, additions and fixes, I changed the version text to, packaged the game and uploaded it.
But for some reason, UE4 keeps building/packaging the previous version (

From mobile game development, i know to clean the APK folder to delete everything that was cached. Even though in Packaging settings, Full Rebuild & For Distribution are enabled.
What am I missing/doing wrong?

I’m one of those people who know enough HTML to get everything all messed up. I’ve tried just using the basic 3rd person project with nothing else added to it.
I did the HTML build and ran the launch helper.
I tried this on IE, Firefox, and Edge.
The program loads the files each time and then I get an error:

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

Script: blob:a955d3b4-b488-45d1-9a26-43a421855612:28

Am I building this wrong?
I’m still looking for a step by step guide for those of us who don’t quite understand HTML.

Thank you very much , That solved a big issue for me

I tried the instructions the HTML5launchHelper with a packaged game from UE4.9 & UE4.8 and works very smoothly for testing locally .

Thanks again