Identify player by his smartphone ?

Hi guys ! Everything is in the title. I’m about to make an app little game, and i want to store data from players on a server. But obviously i’ll have to authentify player, i was wondering how to do that ? Since the guy is loading the game from his phone, is there anyway to authentify him without having to think a whole connexion system ?

For example, game center for ios, or google play for android ? i don’t know much more

Thanks for any help !

If u are talking about identifying the device either its iOS or Android , there is already node for that inside Blueprint called **Get Platform Name **
and if u using c ++ check this

No, what i want is to have the player ID to record him on my own database, so i can sort my players data by their ID. And when they connect, they recover their own data. Like a save/load system but player’s information would be store on a server, but to do such a thing, you need a whole authentification system, with password, which is pretty hard to setup. So i want to get rid of that and recognize the player by his ID. He must have one since it is possible to do online purchase, the player must have an ID i guess

Use google play cloud, I guess there is a plugin on the market for that already .

Ok, and what about ios users ?

Ok i’v found this : . It cost 23€
Just putting it here for future readers

Just use the “Get Device Id” node:

returns the unique device id used by the platform