Identical interface between blueprint viewport and level editor?

It would be pretty cool if the blueprint component editor was essentially a mini level editor.

The blueprint viewport editor is manageable for creating a character, for example. However, trying to design a reusable room in the blueprint editor is quite difficult. The only way to easily add static meshes from the asset browser is to drag them onto the component tree view.

The newly added asset doesn’t get parented to the node I dragged the object onto, but is instead parented onto the root node. I then have to redrag the object again within the tree view to parent it to the node I’m interested in.

I can’t use keys like alt and shift to drag objects around and duplicate them like I can in the editor. The only way I’ve found to duplicate an object is to find it in the tree view, and right click to duplicate. This can be painful if I have about 60 static meshes in there making up my reusable room object, and I want to duplicate some random little decoration object.

There’s also no way to add actors into a blueprint, which makes some sense. But this makes it nearly impossible to create prefabs of rooms that have, for example, a breakable lamp actor, or a moving door. I have to add those things manually separately in the editor, even though I always want lights or buttons or other actors to always be in the same spot in my reusable room prefab.

I did end up switching to using my 3D modeling package for now for designing rooms, and made a plugin to export and import the transforms of static meshes and other components as JSON.

It would also be REALLY nice if there was some way to create volume brushes and add them as components to an actor. Like a blocking volume for example. This blocking volume would simply be added to the main level when you place the blueprint into the world. I’m not entirely sure how well this would work if the actor was spawned at run time, but if it’s not possible, then maybe log a warning or error and force don’t spawn volumes.