Ideas on how to get wild dino eggs to be hatched in a mod

This is somewhat on behalf of the ultra-realism mod that I’m pretty **** fond of. Problem with it is that it restricts access to large dino taming uless they are raised from birth. Which is kinda impossible with the current breeding system.

So I’m looking for ideas as to how this could be fixed. The author has already tried giving wild dinos a 50/50 chance to spawn a fertilised egg, rather than an unfertilised one in the wild, however:

I think I’ve come up against a brick wall :frowning:

Which is annoying. Another idea would be to have the unfertilised eggs be used for a ‘recipe’ that ‘cooks’ a fertilised egg in an ‘incubator’ (reskinned cooking pot). Though if the problem truly is that it has no parent creatures to draw stats from, then this won’t work either.

Any ideas anyone? I’m determined to make this work somehow, it would add a whole new aspect to the game if the only way to get anything Carno sized or bigger was to steal an egg from its mother :smiley: