Ideas for Survival Open World Game.


Before I get into the point of the post, let me tell you about me. I am 13 years old. I’ve been trying to make a game for the past few years now but, I never wanted to learn code. I then found Unreal Engine’s blueprint system. Ever since I have been creating my first game all by myself. I have some experience in graphic design and 3D modelling so, that was pretty helpful going into this. Things have been going pretty well so far but, I need more ideas for my game because it feels slightly empty and just a repeat of every other game. I am developing a survival open world game. The main things to do are collect resources, build, craft and kill enemies. A couple added features to take note are driveable vehicles and a jetpack system. Pretty much like every other survival open world game out right now. So, if anyone has ideas for this game I would really appreciate you sharing them! Keep in mind that this is a blueprint only game so, I am limited on what I can do. Thank you and have a nice day!

Hey Thrillride!

Some screenshots would be great, could help some of us artists tell you how you can visually get your game going, and maybe even a video showcasing your current gameplay mechanics so we can get a feel for what you’re asking for.

There is currently nothing to show as far as visuals. We are just starting to work on the map. As far as gameplay. It’s pretty much everything I said. So, not much to do.

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here is an idea for you. the one thing that will set you apart from all others. Give your game drive! give your players a reason to progress, and want to continue playing your game, and don’t leave it so open ended

Sounds interesting, I’m 14 and I’m also using UE4 for my game because I can’t learn to code:)

I would suggest making the game as unique as possible, there are hundreds of survival games out there and no one is going to want to play yours if there’s a better one with the exact same idea.

Look at undead assault 2 on warcraft 3(super old, but one of the best survival games ive ever played and still no standalone in comparison to it) Also take a look at fortnite. Also I recommend using blender for modeling and what not, as it will save you money down the line if you are serious about making a game.