Ideas for fighting game AI 'middle section'?

Hi There!

I’m trying to device a base design for 2 player fighting game AI. (ie P1 vs AI)
Not so interested in navigation and that kinda stuff.

What I want to do is have a set of Attributes for each Character type, Aggressive/Defensive, Active/Passive, observant etc, as well as some senses like a basic sight and checking various distances and life power.

I then use these somehow to decide what the actual actions are going to be.

So I was thinking about the middle bit, in-between the attributes and senses and the actions, that I should have some ‘Modes’ maybe?
Like ‘Advancing for attack’, ‘Retreating’, ‘Idle Evasive’ and similar.

But I’m not sure exactly how to think about this middle section to avoid being too general or too specific.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this type of AI design? Does it make sense?


I like doing game AI as hobby.
Here is some pointers
UE4 has AI Perception, which has sight, sound and damage. There are other components, but they are either not implemented or I haven’t figured it out

For the attributes, you need to look into Enumerators, and booleans.

Look to these resources

I actually have all that stuff set up already as I have a fully networked two player version of the game done already.
I’m more looking for advice of how I can design a sort of semi abstract middle ground. Like maybe using ‘moods’ or ‘inclination’ or some ideas like that.
Are there any ideas like that which would help setting up a decision making network?