Ideas for Extended Blueprint functionality for the Sequencer tool

Tell me if any of these are already features, but after playing with the sequencer tool I would find these blueprint ideas to be really useful if they were to be implemented:

  • A blueprint node that could get the subscenes of a sequence (perhaps outputting them as an array ordered by the time they play and their vertical layer)
  • A blueprint node that could get the objects in a sequence (perhaps similar to getting a component in an actor)
  • A way to change a variable in an object contained in a sequence before playing (things like actor references, not just variables that can already be exposed)

That’s all I can think of and, as I said, these would be really useful to mine and other people’s workflow, especially with unpredictable sequences.


Just an addition to my list, i don’t want to create another whole post just with ideas :slight_smile:
After messing around a little more, me and probably a load others would find it to be very useful if:
Transform vectors could be exposed in the sequencer.
Transforms for components in an actor, like cameras etc can be animated.
Thanks and, again, tell me if these are already features.