Ideas For Dungeon Crawler Levels

Hi, First time posting to Forums and First time Trying to design Levels so I Sharing my progress in hope of some helpful feedback. So far I’ve got 2 Trap, a puzzle and 2 level block outs. (I did them differently please let me Know which style is better.) First up a Trap.
Spinning Trap
This trap should spin at a set rate allowing players who time their movements to pass through unharmed. Currently going to be a flame trap.

I started my grabbing a pillar staticmesh then i put an arrow component on. After that i put a flame particle effect on the pillar and a face static mesh.
Next i make a copy at 180 rotation and added a collision box to check when the player enters.

Then I Realized there’s no damage or health system yet so I make one (see Below).
I deal damage to the player if they enter the box (The damage type is “FireDam” incase I decide to do something with that later) .
Following this I used Add Local Rotation off Event Tick so it would spin. After that I added a Boolean called Clockwise and exported it, adding a branch just before the Add Local Rotation nodes to switch between them. Then i added a Float called speed and exposed that too, it controlled the Delta Rotation in the Add Local Rotation Node.

Link To Gif of Flames in action

Health System
First i made a Base Character to parent the Enemy and Player blueprints to. Then i added two variables to the blueprint called “MaxHealth” and “Health”, both are integers. After that i made a Function to deal with altering health called “AlterHealth” and a Function to deal with when they have no health called “Death”. By default “Death” contains only the destroy actor node.

Then i added Event AnyDamage to the event graph so it leads into “AltarHealth” by default.
Enemy Health Stuff
First I made a “BaseEnemy” from “BaseChar” to parent all the enemies blueprints to. After that I added a widget to the Blueprint. The widget is a health bar called “healthBar”. Next I added variables for health, Min health and max health. These will be updated by the Base Enemy blueprint. Updating of these will be handled at “BeginPlay” and by a custom event called “UpdateHealthBar”.


Then i added “UpdateHealthBar” to be Triggered by “AltarHealth” in BaseChar, so i can use the same event when making the player health bar.

Gif of HealthBar

Hi hideyoshi,

Typically Devs start with the Level Design to get a feel for how the Traps will fit in the game world. I assume a Legend of GrimLock Style Dungeon Crawler based on the tile in the screenshot. I’m developing a hybrid Dungeon Crawler of sorts: A Sci-Fantasy Co-Op, FPS Action RPG, Roguelike Dungeon Crawl, Treasure Hunt for Cash! and it too will have Traps and Puzzles.

I initiated my design with Level construction first, in which ideas for Traps & Puzzles followed. Traps & Puzzles are essentially self-contained mini-game ‘Actors’ that can be spawned and destroyed dynamically as a whole entity in the game world. It appears you are taking a similar approach.

In Dragon’$ Gold theres a functional difference between Trap & Puzzle. Traps inflict damage upon triggering, draining one or more types of hitpoints as a penalty. They will continue to do so until player’s deactivates or destroys it. Puzzles block passage and must be solved to open, allowing passage, no damage is applied. They drain time and patience, but can be forced open by brute force (massive amounts of attack damage), chance (ie: lockpick skills), or payment (gold, mana, $).

Look forward to more post on your progress.

I’ve made a Great deal of progress since i last posted i have made a demo of the level to show off my mechanics and level design. I would love to hear some feedback on what you guys think.

Link to Youtube videos:
Link to packaged demo: