Ideas: Character Selection

I don’t know where to post this because it kinda takes everything in one…but…My new game features a few 70 or so playable characters as well as custom ones once I get the money to get it on Steam Greenlight. Only one problem…My characters will all run off one entity, the modified ThirdPersonCharacter. Is there a way to set a menu where players choose the character they want and in multiplayer only replaces their specific model. For example, in a server of 12 there are 12 of the Character bases around a map. When a person joins, they fill or gain control over one and their selected character’s mesh replaces the mannequin mesh with all events and node setups. I’m a big noob to Unreal as I’ve moved from other programs. I might ask more for help later, especially since I’m a team of one currently.

Thanks in advance

i followed this tutorial it might best to start at number 1 :slight_smile:

70 Characters, wow!
Your best bet would be to use Arrays and not hardcode everything. Something like an array of ‘Character Descriptor’ objects. The UI is going to fetch information from these objects :).
Then, it’s probably a component hotswap thing (or at least, that’s how I would do it)