Ideal UV Workflow: Enhancements and Add-Ons for Reality Capture

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I recently made the transition from Zephyr to Reality Capture, and I must say I’m fascinated with the experience. The documentation videos and content from YouTubers have showcased an exceptional workflow in Reality Capture, and I’d like to propose an additional improvement.

My proposal focuses on the implementation of addons or plugins for a UV editor within Reality Capture. Currently, I tend to work in Blender with multiple addons or in ZBrush for retopology and UV creation. However, I prefer to avoid switching platforms to maintain consistency in the coordinate system.

Ideally, I would like to see the integration of tools such as:

  1. UV Flow for seam creation.
  2. Textools for manual UV manipulation.
  3. UV Pack Master for UDIMS creation.
  4. Boundary First Flattening as an alternative for UV islands manipulation like nurbs.
  5. UV Checker Map Maker for creating custom texture checkers and online tools for retopology.
  6. InstaMesh, whose implementation would be truly groundbreaking.
  7. Additionally, I’d like to mention that ZBrush’s poly paint could be used as a reference for creating topological flow boundaries, which could be a valuable technique for optimizing retopology.

I firmly believe that these additions would have a significant impact on the speed and quality of our workflow. We would avoid compatibility issues and maintain consistency in the coordinate system by working exclusively within Reality Capture.

Below are links to each of the mentioned tools for those interested in exploring their potential impact on our workflow:

UV Flow
UV Pack Master
Boundary First Flattening
UV Checker Map Maker
InstaMesh / Official Website

As an additional note, I’d like to share the workflow I’m currently considering.

I’m excited about the possibility of improving our experience in Reality Capture, and I hope this proposal is well received. Thank you for considering these suggestions and for your attention.

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Hello @Miro.Ser,
thank you for your ideas. They were added to our feature requests database.

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