Idea to increase speed of workflow


Was just working on a project and found that i wanted to change every spot light in one of my rooms, Now I know I cld of done a blueprint but tbh I thought it was good enough so just went straight out and made it once and copied it all over the place… Now regrettably I want to change a load of options on the lights… once again blue prints ect ect

But what wld be nice is like in photoshop were you can right click on a layer and “copy layer style” and paste it to a other layer…

Now some will think yes good idea and some will just say stop being lazy use a blueprint… But THIS time I defo have it how I want it… Just need to copy and paste again!!

Much love

Just use class blueprint that is what it is used for …

It is like if you asked : " I want to walk, but I dont want to use my legs"

I know and i FULLY agree it was lazies on my part, But there are times when you thing “I only need these 4 lights so meh” and later you need to change the smallest thing on each one and all that time added’s up.

You never know someone at epic it might only take them a few hours to roll something like that out then it might be worth doing…

There area few other options here, depending on what you want to do:

  1. If you want to replace with another type, select all the lights you want to change, right click and choose 'Replace Selected Actors With…"
  2. If you want to bulk-change all your light’s properties to an identical value, multi-select and edit the properties in the details panel. All edits should apply to all lights.
  3. You can do more involved bulk-editing of properties via the Property Grid. Follow steps for (2) and then click the property grid button in the top-right of the details panel to open the grid.