Idea: Option to convert a bone into a socket

I think a small but useful feature would be the option to convert a bone into a socket. Essentially, calculate the offset in location and rotation from the parent bone, add a socket to the parent bone, apply offset to it, and delete the bone. A nice menu button that did this in an automated process would be great. Sometimes, when things need precise alignment I make bones just so I can add a socket and have it in exact correct position. This would prevent those socket bones from cluttering up the skeleton.

I’m pretty sure you can add dummy or locator objects and have sockets created from them automatically on import. Would this feature still be needed if that is in fact the case?

I suppose not, but I haven’t actually found documentation on that.

Any bone can actually be used as a socket already. Just pass in the bone name to any of the socket functions on the skeletal mesh component and it will get the current transform of the animated bone.

Michael Noland