Idea of mod or add on.

Hi im new to this and i would like to know if it is possible to add Shield ( wooden or hide one )
to help defend against other player arrow or against dilo venom. Could actually make it more interesting
and add a touch of ‘‘real’’ to the game. I mean it would be funnier to get a whole tribe of naked dude hunting with spear and shield and take down a wall with archer on it…
or at the very least add a ‘‘off hand’’ section for making it easier to fight with a spear in one hand and a torch on the other…

Well this is my idea, i can’T mod im no good at it and sorry for my english. French is my native language.

Hope to hear from you soon. (can you redirect this thread to the good location if im not in the good one)


Welcome to the forums Nighthunter!!! This is a video of the Community Manager at gamescon. With a little patience, the Devs do plan on including shields to the game. So it is up to you, do you step aside and let them develop this aspect solo, or do you step up to the challenge and race them to release of shields?!?!?!?! I look forward to seeing what you choose :slight_smile:

like i said, i can’T mod i was just wondering if this could happen and give the idea to some1 who actually can make mod about this idea, and i didn’T knew the devs was planning to put some inside the game
thank you for your reply. I look forward to see them appear really soon :open_mouth: