[Idea] Object Editor

Was just thinking about the program, that we need some object editing programs that we must BUY to create our own objects, why not have a object editor with the unreal engine called “Unreal 3D Editor” to create our own 3d objects, it would be okay if we have to buy it, but it must be cheap, like 5$? 10$? it would be fine as that price, instead of buying 3Ds Max, Maya, or Cinema 4D, Like there would be a option in the “Edit” menu called “3D Object Editor”?

That is all i wanted to suggest, i have alot of ideas, but i can’t think of them right now.


An Object Editor, or 3D modeller, is very complex to make. Take a look at the feature sets of Maya/Max/Modo/etc, they are huge!

I dont even think I would want this functionality in the UE4 editor!

It will not be very hard for a programmers group to make it.

teamwork is always the solution.


And maybe make a choice if they want to have the object editor or not in the installation or the downloading screen when you first download the files in the epic games launcher.
and if you want to download it later, it would have an option somewhere in the menus, maybe “Help” menu?


We already have BSP brushes which can be exported to static meshes. I would like this to be updated to make complex shapes easier to achieve, however I agree with Martin on this. I’d rather use a separate program for my modelling needs and I’d rather Epic didn’t spend their resources on something that could probably be done better in Blender, Maya, Max…etc.

It was just an idea.


Fair enough, I was just offering my views. Have you tried using the BSP editor at all? It is capable actually, I made a rather nice 3d house model using it. Give it a try. :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a cost effective 3D modelling program, I highly recommend Blender. It is free to use and, while difficult at first due to the UI, once you learn it it is highly intuitive and efficient. I’d recommend getting 2.7 until Blender officially fixes the 7.4 exporter that they implemented in 2.73/2.73a, but afterwards their FBX importer has gone through several vast improvements.

As said, Blender is capable and is free. Get that!

Or Wings3D, not as capable as Blender (only a 3D modeler i.e. no animations/rigging) but so much easier to use.

I have every single program, 3Ds Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, but i would rather use an official program’s editor.
at the end, it was just a suggestion.