Idea - HUD Blueprint - Elements

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in the HUD blueprint and I keep finding myself hitting boundaries or having to do a long winded set up to accomplish something I fell should be simple. I’ve found myself spending some time thinking about what could be added to improve the HUD Blueprints and add more flexibility. So today I present my idea… “Elements”

*[SIZE=2]Elements are pretty much bits of intractable space. They would be like a blueprint in nature, built like you would any blueprint but placed like a function inside your HUD Blueprint. Elements would have their own 2D workspace with its size definable within the defaults tab. When placed in the HUD Blueprint you’d be able to define a scale to resize the element proportionally along with setting the position of the overall element in screen space.

Inside an element; hit boxes, text, text input, images ect… would be added like components and visibly scalable & positionable on a 2D plane based on the elements size that’s defined in the defaults tab. Any part of a component that’s positioned or scaled outside of the elements workspace won’t be visible.

Elements have there own set of event nodes that can be added to the graph as you do with normal components should you require them. Elements would have inputs and outputs like any function/macro were variables can be defined for changing things like text or colour. The element node by default will all ways have a Draw input on the node when placed in the HUD Blueprint that will draw all visible components on the screen each frame. Any events in an element will only fire if the element is being drawn. Any event that is to leave the element must leave by using an exec output pin.

Elements can make use of timelines but only function if the element is being drawn allowing for transition effects or what ever else ones brain can imagine.
I hope I’ve explained it well enough and I’m sorry there’s no pretty pictures. As I said at the beginning this is just an idea I had and I’m not sure how viable the idea is but I thought I would share. However if you feel like anything should be changed or added by all means share your ideas.[/SIZE]

I use a simular system. In General it works fine. Atm my implementation cause some Problems while packing :confused:. Anyway I recommend to add some sort of “pages” holding the elements.