Idea: Get Autodesk to kick in some tools

Just a thought; I’ve been outa the scene for too long and my old 3D tools are unusably stale. Digging around a bit, I see that Max & Maya are still too expensive (especially vs. the $10/mo Epic subscription!!!).

I was hoping Epic could use some partner-finesse (muscle) on Autodesk to get UE4 subscribers some sort of deal on the tools we need to create content. Maybe get them to cut loose with hamstrung versions that are cut down to only be able to do work with the UE4 game engine??

Don’t laugh, I’m just throwing the idea out there…

It’s hard enough to get Autodesk to kick in some tools in their programs that already exist

When you have “Dreamworks” - “Lucas Arts” and “Sony Entertainment” as some of your prestigious clients, you don’t have to give away stuff for free. Although, Autodesk has a whole plethora of free applications already, and I doubt they’ll ever give stuff for free to Epic games,. (bundled or not) when they’re heavily trying to push Autodesk gameware :cool: :smiley:

Came here to post this :stuck_out_tongue: