Idea for Project Packaging

I’ve noticed that when I package a project that my Quick settings for materials quality (i.e. High or Low) and my engine scalability settings don’t seem to get built into the newly packaged project. How about giving us a tick box to set these items to auto execute the first time a package project is run thus optimizing game performance on the target platform. After this has been run the first time then it would be up to the user to set these values if they required more quality. What do you think?

One thing you might be seeing is that in 4.1 we are packaging the Default settings with the project, but the Project Settings UI modifies your Local settings. The Local settings are only applied to the Default settings if you specifically hit ‘Set as Default’ in the Settings UI.

We are changing this behavior in 4.2, so that Project Settings will always save to the Default settings, which means that as soon as you change things in the Project Settings UI they will also apply to project packaging.

Hi gmpreussner,
That sounds fantastic! Especially for me since on my GT 640 video card. UE4 will only get about 9-12 FPS at the “Epic” detail settings which is the current default.

I am looking forward to the 4.2 release anyway since I have a real desire to start working on some vehicles.