idea for automated copying project folder naming scheme


I have a brief feedback suggestion I encountered while using UE4 (which I love! :slight_smile: ).

I like to use the latest version of the source built unreal install from github. when i open my old .uproject in a new unreal version, the unreal software, using convert project, automatically creates a copy and migrates the old files. this copied folder naming convention can sometimes be incorrect or unecessary.

i would like it if i can specify the name of this folder (or possibly have someone look at the naming syntax and change that) - because when i use the auto migration sometimes the name is off.

A folder name of “SciFi_Game 4.19” went to “SciFi_Game 4.19 - 2” after one migration which then went to “SciFi_Game 4.19 - 2 4.19” after a second migration

Please allow manual entry for “convert project” naming, or please change auto rename syntax of new migrated folder so it is organized well with directory structure if possible!

thank you for reading!