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[FONT=Lucida Console]Hey Everyone :smiley:
I have wanted to start a thread like this for quite some time and truly believe it has great potential. Please take the time to read the details as well as the RULES surrounding this thread topic:

What is the “Idea Bucket” thread?

  • This thread is built to be a “dumping ground” for any and all brainstorming with a primary focus on (Unique Gameplay Experiences and Tools).
  • This thread is not meant for content showcases (Please post work in appropriate forum location - Example: Work In Progress), however single screenshot posts are allowed if you are trying to describe an idea.

What should this thread accomplish?

  • The outcome of having a thread like this, is so that ideas can be flushed out, bounced off of each other, and further improved upon
  • Within a studio environment, meetings are held for this very purpose, having a designated “meeting place” on a forum is extremely beneficial

Is there a certain skillset requirement in order to post or respond?

  • There are no requirements. If you have an idea you would like to share, simply dump it here and see where it goes!

What about Idea Ownership?

  • Simply put, if you post it (Within this thread), then you are openly agreeing to expose unique opportunities and ideas to the open market. If the idea you post has no prior “Ownership” agreements, copyrights, etc., then it will be treated as a combined “Ownership” of the UE4 Community.
  • Example: A person posts an idea for a custom weather system. Another user is inspired by this and begins developing this weather system. Since the “weather system” was unique, exposed to the Idea Bucket Thread, and then worked on by another community member, it dynamically and automatically becomes a Community Project.
  • If you don’t want your ideas to become community based, then please share them in your own threads. The Idea Bucket is a special place for ideas to be quickly built upon and expanded.

What would be an example of an “Idea Bucket Response/Post”?

A New Post Should Look Something Like This:
“Title” - Type of idea :: Example - New Super Power
Hey Everyone!
I had a new idea for an interactive Super Power! It would allow you to shift wall geometry so you could walk through it! Would be interesting to see some ideas on how this could be done or expanded upon :slight_smile: Thanks!

A Proper Post Response Should Look Something Like This:
“Title” - Make sure to properly mark your response so others know which idea you are speaking about :: Example - New Super Power (JBaldwin)
@ “username” - Great idea! I like the thought of being able to manipulate geometry in real time. However, this could be quite a task, but I have an idea!
Let’s use a brick wall for an example. This super power would allow you to walk up, and when you push a button [Ex: ‘E’ on Keyboard] the bricks would actually warp and spread out while opening a “Portal” or “Hole” through the wall so you could see what was on the other side - and walk through it.

Let’s brake this idea down a bit:
This effect will most likely be very controlled. To create an effect like this that works for any and all walls would be an incredible feat. So let’s aim for making this a “Special Situation Power”.
Now that we have that established, to accomplish something like this it is going to require a bit of setup.
First we need to take the wall meshes and generate some form of “Separation” animation, most likely using vector displacement. (Might require Tessellation or Custom Geometry Additions)
Next, a blueprint would need to be made for performance reasons. As the player gets close to the “Objective Wall” - or the wall that the super power can be used on - We need to swap the static Low Poly mesh out for the custom wall mesh with the stored animation info.
When the player then interacts with the wall, we simply play the animation of the wall separating (Or hole opening) and freeze it in the open state until the player leaves the volume. Then simply reverse the effect.

**Of course these are just demonstrations, but you can see how quick an idea could form, grow, and its plausibility tested and refined.

Can’t wait to see what people come up with! Let the brainstorm… BEGIN!**

I swear this has been done two-three times already and has failed miserably everytime.

That is sad :frowning: I don’t know why this would fail.

Oh well. If no one else uses it, I sure will :slight_smile:

Idea: FX - Random Tornado

I have always wanted to build a dynamic and realistic tornado system that is randomly generated. It would be neat to see the funnel animation achieved in vertex offsets only. This effect could further be pushed by generating tessellation for the twisting clouds that make up the funnel and peak connection.

Idea: FX / Gameplay Mechanics - Dynamic Doppelganger

I am a huge fan of old fighting games. In Tekken, a famous character named Yoshimitsu has a power which allows him to generate doppelgangers that all perform unique attacks at the same time. Implimenting this, and adding supporting FX would be a good challenge imo!

Because if you have a good idea, you’re not going to want to throw it away to the public. You don’t see professional writers tossing around great plots on forums for this very same reason. To each their own though.

This wasn’t geared toward sharing content that is “unique - like story setting, or flagship mechanics”. It was more of a place where collaboration could happen.
I guess I am just old fashion? I don’t care if people use ideas I have. They will grow and become better as they are shared. I was one of those guys who always wanted to learn something and work as a team, however, people who were greedy or had elitist mentalities would flaunt their knowledge in front of others and never help teach.

That is why I personally like topics like this. It gives those who want to learn, or explore their ideas an opportunity to see an idea flourish, morph, and grow.
Like the saying goes, 2 eyes are better than 1. I ALWAYS pass my work past certain people. And most every time, it is critiqued, and modified. Then when I sit back and look at it, I can’t thank everyone enough for their feedback. Same (imo) with ideas.

Like I said in the original post, if you have an idea that you feel is “Golden” then by all means keep it to yourself. But if you have an idea that you would like to explore and learn about, then this thread is the place!

P.S. Of course people don’t toss plots around on public forums. That isn’t what this thread was for.

Well I probably wouldn’t post my super duper “golden” idea either but I still really like the idea of this thread.

Oh man that brings some good memories :smiley: was is that move where Yoshimitsu moved back and forth so fast that almost seemed that there were two of them? that’s so bad ***!
I imagine you could switch between two animations every few milliseconds to do something like that?

I don’t mind sharing an idea because I’ve got plenty of time to think one up.

Type of idea :: Disarming system
It’s a system where the user can shoot out the gun from an enemies hands or interact with the hands, play an animation and it removes the gun from their hand via another animation and some physics. I’m new-ish to Blueprints but I assume it would be easy to block out using some animations and collisions spheres or capsules to trigger them that are attached to the enemy characters hands? It’s a simple sounding idea but I’d of loved it in games like The Last of Us. It’d be great for this new wave of “Survival” games.

Hope this is the kind of thing others are interested in. If anyone does this then let me know I’m interested!

Yes, I believe that is the one! I always thought it was a doppelganger. The end of the move is so cool because he picks up the “other” yoshimitsu and they become one again :slight_smile:
I have never implemented this before, but I would assume it could be done with a custom spawn that is duplicated, has a separate animation, then deleted after it is over. The damage wouldn’t be too hard to implement (I don’t think). Please, anyone feel free to prototype this up!!! :smiley:

I am not a great animator otherwise I would take a crack at it. “Still might”, we will see.

Nice idea! It would be interesting to set up a targeting system that would lock your cross hairs on a bone or socket point! That way, you could aim at the hand (bone/socket), and when the hand takes damage, you could play an animation that throws the weapon away. (Or implement a physics impulse of some sort to make it fly out of the enemy hands).

Further implementation could be:
A set of points for character types (ex: human) where you could create weak points to lock on to by “holding a key” and clicking left or right arrow keys to swap between weak points.

I bet you could get something whipped up in blueprint fast!

Ideas are essentially worthless. Execution is critical.

It’s for this reason alone we see themes, tropes, and genres that convey and illustrate ideas. If you go into the WIP forum, you’ll see a ton of ideas. Or by going to any AAA website for a game - those ideas are up for grabs. It’s the execution of the ideas that’s important.

Although I don’t think it would be “too hard” to accomplish, in the spirit of this thread, a variable ground / z plane.

The idea is to have a set of obstacles that you’re only able to overcome by utilizing all directional planes, and re-orienting your character to the world. A good example of this is in Aliens vs Predators, with the xenomorphs and their wall climbing ability.

World War 4: Sticks & Stones

Since humans killed themselves off with World War 3, this takes place millions of years in the future between evolved rats and cockroaches.


Hi This thread is interesting. Iwonder what it will look few mounths from now.

Idea: Math + Motocross = Mathocross

Detail: Imagine White Background . Black Curves are drawn it is your path. you control stickman on a bike.
To progress you must go from A to B . but the path must be changed first . This is where math comes into
play. Player can modify the path by inserting 2d curves generated from math functions and try the path to
test if he can get to B
Exemple: you have a hole. you enter -x*x+2 and you say deltaX=(-1,3) (deltaX may be the definition range )

Exemple might be simple but the goal is to achieve to draw some complex functions and to help a better understanding of math functions

I’ve also been intensely interested in this for a long time, now moreso than ever. Twisters coming for my face in VR?? Daaaaaaaaaaamn! Think, once Epic releases that driving game example, and between proper physics forces and collision implementation, accurate sense of scale (HAVE to make sure of this when developing in VR), polished and mighty fine-lookin’ environment and atmospheric visuals (of which you allude to some awesome specifics), and possibly decent peer connectivity or multiplayer (perhaps real-time weather data visualization and warning systems in future iterations?), we could have ourselves quite the suave, sexy tornado-chasing experience! Or maybe even create a full-on CAVE-like VR experience with heavy-duty fans or jet turbines (coincidentally what tornadoes tend to sound like)? It’s fun to think of possibilities :slight_smile: I saw a great looking (albeit sped-up) twister for the Solus game example featured by Epic, but I haven’t yet checked to see if the weather system is something that can be examined, copied and tweaked to form different sizes, forces, materials (this one would probably be easy, oddly enough), etc that we could use and start building relatively quickly. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before we’re able to just buy a basic weather system from the marketplace, but I’m with you on this idea. I want tornadoes in my face’s face, and I want it yesterday. I’m still just learning the Engine, but between the excellent vids, docs and community I feel I can finally realize a dream I never knew I had until recently: creating my own twisters in their own world in which other people can freaking fully immerse themselves and experience. What a time to be alive!

Concerning those wary of “publicly” sharing ideas, I understand completely, though my view is that every idea I’ve pretty much ever had has been thought of by someone else at some point, or at least in a strikingly similar fashion, and as such all the difference in the world comes down to actually implementing it. Getting it out of the idea stage, especially with the iterative nature of game development informing different paths to take based on competitors’ designs, player feedback or simple personal curiosity to me seems a somewhat amorphous process, but keeping a central goal is definitely important. I just like the coincidental, providential aspect of trying and discovering new stuff as you root around and build your specific brand of sweetness. IP law is fine and all, but I think we’re getting to the point where we’re challenging the basic definitions of alot of it and much of it will change and evolve or just plain cease to exist. Anyway. 3:30am here in Ohio. :wink:

I’ll post anything I can find on the subject. I want this to happen, and I don’t give two ****s about who gets the credit, as long as I get my tornado experience. Thanks again Epic for making this all so…possible! \m/

I was seeking a solution like this for DARKNADO. Tornadoes are awesome and horrifying to experience in the real-world. They materialize in a matter of minutes, devastate all in their path, then vanish literally into thin air. I desired to capture this sense of terror in a survival terror simulation, but, then along came Sharknado.

I always thought Yoshimitsu deserved his own live-action film or FMV, with rotating mechanical hands, Katanas, and all the techniques.

I started a similar thread with the The Official Idea Guy Thread. As long as the thread exists, its not a failure. I think most shouting ‘ideas are worthless’ fail to understand the point of these types of threads. Some ideas are simply to grand or radical, and destine to fail in execution. These types of threads help in that regard.