[Idea] As far as the Marketplace Previews are concerned...

Hello Developers, and [COLOR="#0000FF"]C[/COLOR]ommunity!

I was looking around at the marketplace, and I had an idea!:

 I don't suppose you all @ Epic could post up a poll that would decide which preview would come out next? This would help the community give out opinions on what should be released next, and could have the potential to increase the amount of community interaction, as well as productivity! It's a fairly simple idea, yes, however I feel that this would help the idea of a developer friendly community grow.

If this idea is in the wrong category, feel free to move it. I couldn’t decide between feedback, or General Discussion - however I ended up settling here in General Discussion.


The higher preview shortcut is in the picture the quicker it will be realesed ,you need to understand that they are not ready yet ,if they were ready Epic would release them.Work process is on the way!=)
P.s So next we gonna get Realistic Rendering!

I understand that, however I’m saying for the future. Meaning, if there are some previews that they haven’t put in the “coming soon” section to put a poll up for those. That way the community could give Epic some insight on what would be most beneficial to it’s community. Does that make sense?..

No thats not right .That’s not the way things are going.Thats business .Epic do their job releasing things ,which really can show some IMPORTANT features of the Engine and help to understand how it can be achieved ,but they won’t do some sort of fairs and polls …nah .Thats ridiculous .Of course I understand your point you want to be listened ,and get what you want ,that’s why you can simply just create you thread ,make a poll ,people would discuss ,than choose what they like.It’s simply ,than Epic may look and think about people’s choice.No need to make things difficult to such big and busy company as Epic Games, let them do their job.