IDE for macOS

Hello guys. What better IDE for C++ UE4 projects on macOS? I tried Xcode, but Xcode soooooo long “Indexing Processing”. May be i can tweak this?
P.S. Hardware: macbook Pro 2017 (with i7)

Use Visual Studio Code

You need 4.18 or above if i remember correctly, then when install is complete, choose your editor in Editor Preferences->Source Code-> then change source code editor dropdown.

Thx! I will try VSCode


I did as you explained and chose VSCode for UE4.20.2.
But I have include path errors: “cannot open source file “InputCoreTypes.generated.h” (dependency of “GameFramework/Actor.h”)”
I read about fixing/adding some paths, but those are nested classes and when one is found, the other is missing and then you are lost.

Any help on how I can fix this ?

Thank you for your help

Did you ever get this working PoiiPoii? I’m currently having the same issue. Thanks!