IDE doesn't start when click to C++ code class

Hi all,

I’m new to Unreal Engine. I’ve just successfully built the Engine in Linux (Ubuntu 15.10, to be exact). As far as I know, Unreal Engine comes with Kdevelop on Linux by default (but I still need to reconfigure the LinuxEngine.ini file).

After building the Engine, I jumped into the Twin Stick Shooter tutorial:

At lesson 5, I can’t get Kdevelop running by double clicking or choosing Edit option upon the C++ BaseClass, and the Linux Terminal generated these lines:


I had to start Kdevelop alone, and open the project manually. When the code was completed, the IDE can build it without problem:

I was stuck at the lesson 6 - creating a Blueprint HeroCharacter class from C++ BaseCharacter class which I’ve written earlier. According to the tutorial’s video, I must have the BaseCharacter’s variables inside the Variables window, but I didn’t have. This is the screenshot:

Looking forward for the solution.

Thank you guys very much :smiley:

// Updated:

After changing to QT Creator, the IDE has showed itself up when clicking or creating a C++ class (what a miracle!). But it only loaded the code files, not the all project, and I had to open the .pro file manually.