Iddle timer and cinematic

So I am working on a project where I need to create some blueprint. ( I come from an artistic background, so it is my first time with blue print).

I have a main camera and a main menu ( both works perfectly fine )
I need to detect when the player is afk so a cinematic will be launch. Cinematic that need to loop.
I was able to create this function and detect when its been X time without any input from the player. Then I posses another pawn ( which is animated inside a level sequence) and my cinematic launches perfectly fine.

My problem comes when I want to switch back to the main game (main camera and main widget). I am able to stop the cinematic, remove all the widget, but not possess the main pawn and create the main widget.

In the images there is my 4 main blueprint ( the function that detect if the player is afk, the event that trigger when becoming afk, the function that make the player not afk anymore and the last image is what it’gs suppose to do when not afk anymore.)