ID@Xbox, wishful thinking for E3

Hey Guys,

I’m part of the ID@Xbox program and am getting far along on the development of my new game and was finally going to reach back out to Microsoft regarding registering for a dev kit. However, with E3 right around the corner, rumors are floating around that Microsoft will have concrete details regarding when any Xbox One can become a fully functional a Dev Kit. This is great but what would be even better, and is more wishful thinking, but how awesome would it be if they announced during the keynote that it was ready for developers right away? BTW, may have met some of you other devs up at Microsoft back in Oct at the ID@Seattle event, good times :smiley: Lot’s of great indie titles coming out of the ID@Xbox program and looking forward to hearing more about some of the upcoming ones at E3. Let me know what you think and take it easy!

Well they do have various announcements according to the Twitch.TV broadcast schedule.

dough they will announce anything for indies E3 is not for this kind of annoucments, E3 is for customers, mostly watched by console users, mostly annoucing games and media services, also along that there gigantic battle between console fanboys “who wins E3” :stuck_out_tongue: You won’t find anything for developers there, GDC is where you announce things like that, where you got eyes of developers on you, ther a reason why UE4 subscription model was announced GDC not on E3, ta reason why Sony decided to reviel the name of PS Move was announced for GDC not in E3, there a reason why Google and Apple announce new OSes and hosting services on there developer conferences (Google IO and WWDC) then any other day, if you what developer interest you do things on developer conference. So i don’ think so you will see anything relented to that on E3… if they gonna do that i be suppriced.

Also main issue with UE4 xbox support access (As well as for PS4) is NDA then devkit availability :stuck_out_tongue:

Most related to unannouced titles which most likely they will annouce on traditinal E3 conferences.

I actually have a NDA w/ Microsoft that I believe is still in place so that shouldn’t be an issue. I’m aware that E3 is for the consumer and mainstream media however, I would have to find the quote and it may have come from Major Nelson but it was stated that Microsoft would announce the availability of the Dev Kit Update. I’ll see if I can determine where that info came from but I disagree on the Indie’s not having a presence. I know that in past years, it was all about the big players in the industry but the playing field has changed. I can almost guarantee indie games are going to be a part of both Microsoft’s and Sony’s conference to some degree. Also, some ID@Xbox games on there way out this year will also be making an appearance.

That’s a pretty detailed list, nice find! Major Nelson also mentioned that Microsoft will be doing something they’ve never done before at E3. Pretty cryptic but I’m curious as to what he was referring to since he had to do damage control the following day after saying that.