ID name is different from displayed name in the World Outliner

See the attached image. We’ve been pulling out our hair today trying to figure out why our camera was colliding with glacier_16 when no such object exists – only to find that when we hovered over glacier_18, its “ID name” was secretly glacier_16.

Why the discrepancy?


Hello Mothership.Entertainment,

This is because the Display Name of an actor is different from its Object Name or ID Name. The actor name is usually the same as the class’ name along with a number added at the end. I’m assuming the asset in your example is named “glacier_” and then the number is being added to the end for each one.

From testing this myself, it seems that the editor will add another _ and a number for the ID on the first instance of that asset, resulting in something like so:


For subsequent additions, it detects that the original _ is there so it doesn’t add another and then adds the ID number (I’m not sure of the technical term for it, if there is one, but that’s what I’m referring to it as.)

The ID number is special and unique to that asset, while the number given at the end of the display name is not. If you delete the asset with the glacier_16 display name and then add another glacier, you will likely get glacier_16 again as a display name either immediately or at some point. When you use the Get Object Name node to get the name of an asset however, you’ll get that ID Name that is listed when you hover over the asset in the World Outliner. This can be safely used knowing that if you ever reference that ID Name again, you’re speaking about that particular asset and not something that was spawned in its place after it was deleted.

I just learned about this myself recently so I hope it explained it clearly. If you have any questions, please let me know.