I'd like to setup some combined inputs e.g X+Dpad right = heavy attack

Hello, on the xbox360 controller I’d like to make the combination of the buttons, X+Dpad right to be an input for a single Action. But on the input options I can only put a single button for single action. I see an option to add the combination shift, ctrl, or alt to be used in combination with another button like below.


but I want to combine X with the right button on the dpad for this action. How do I do this??

Thanks in advance. I hope you can understand my gibberish,


Just a thought, could you make 2 Inputs.


My setters are different from yours, I can’t plug them into the and node. how do I make them the same?



I would Just drag the BOOL Nodes out and plug them in.


Umm, sorry I don’t know how to do that. where do I drag the bool nodes from??

Unless you have changed it, on the left near the bottom.

Or right click and just start typing the node. Click on “GET”

Oh I see, haha I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on on the blue print, I also added an event tick node and is working now. Thank you very much sir.