I'd like everything to be readable by windows's speech engine

Hi, i tried to use windows’s narrator to read stuff in unreal like menus and info boxes, tutorial material and all… Windows needs certain stuff to make text readable… I’m clueless of a bit but it would be nice or to make ue compatible with windows’s speech engine or balabolka which is awesome too… Or to add speech engine standards in unreal, using windows system’s availlable voices… There are free voices like Mbrola’s … Sounds like a radio-meteo-channel-robot-voice but it’s fair enough to add as an asset in unreal i guess :stuck_out_tongue: whatever… It’d feel good to have such a feature… Tho, i would have a finer time with unreal if it was translated to French but well :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx for reading… Cya^^