I'd just like a bit of help please

So lets just cut to the chase, Im new (hello pleased to meet ya) now i want to go into making games however im rather inexperienced, so ive been working off the paper 2D engine bit and my code to make my character move is not working, can anyone help i’ve sent a screenshot to show you. (i hope it sends)

by the way im not sure where i should have posted this as there no paper 2d forum part so i posted it here, i hope thats ok.

I would recommend watching tutorials since there is not only one recipe. I watched Strigifo’s paper 2d tutorial and enjoyed his way of doing it. https://youtube.com/watch?v=GCCIBnwhzSM
You can probably skip the first two videos if you already know how to properly import and set up your project.

Hope it helps.